LED lights

Multicolor changing: the RGB LED lights kit has not only RGB (Red, Green, Blue), 16 multicolored options, but also DIY selection.

Remote control: 44-key IR remote allows you to choose colors, adjustable brightness and multiple lighting modes to fit room mood. (remote range: 10m). Bright LED Lights: it features 150 bright 5050 LEDs that easily light up a room, bedroom, dorm room, kitchen countertop.

LED strips

Due to their divisibility after each LED strips offer a high degree of flexibility for they optimally adapt to the intended environment and close flush without creating shady areas.

The LED strips, equipped with high-power LEDs, achieve a phenomenal output of up to 19000 lumens over a length of 5m. In addition to the extremely high brightness, the LED strips can also convince with their flexibility and versatility in processing. Equipped with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which adheres to a large number of surfaces, make the installation very comfortable and easy.

Control devices: RGB controllers, dimmers, RGB amplifiers, etc.

Lighting control system integrated with functional controls including dimming, color temperature adjusting, RGB and RGBW, which could be set as single color, color temperature (nature white+warm white and nature white+warm white+cool white), RGB and RGBW five types. It can simply control various of led lightings which has installed on WiFi software. Meanwhile, it supports max 12 zones control. We could do for you what you think!

LED kits and power supplies

LED kits are devices which regulate and supply the power used to ‘drive’ runs of LED strip lighting. Similar to traditional transformers, they transform mains voltage alternating current (240v AC) to a lower voltage. However, LED power supplies also transform mains voltage current to a constant, direct current (DC) that LEDs require. By adjusting their output according to the electrical properties of the LED tape which changes as it heats up, kits regulate the power supplied to the LEDs to be a constant of usually either 12v or 24v of DC.

Power supplies (drivers, transformers)

Whether you’re using LEDs for your home or business, this range of LED drivers can help you make the most out of your lighting installation. Delivering equal parts safety and cost effective ease-of-use, these drivers serve as the core component of your lighting installation. LED drivers multiport technology allows for multiple spotlights, cabinet lights and strip lights to be powered and controlled from one central source.

LED floodlights

The RGB flood lights designed with 16 colors and 4 lighting modes (flash/strobe/fade/smooth) to provide colorful and bright illumination. Simply click the button to enjoy different colors/modes/brightness of lighting.

IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating of this RGB floodlight , works perfectly in rain, sleet and snow. Can be applied both indoors and outdoors.The best remote control distance: 2-10 meters.

100 watt colour floodlight equipped with a advanced heat sink and adopts thickened die-cast aluminum shell,high transparent pc mask,to gets excellent light transmission and heat dissipation,to extend the life of LED outside lights.The RGB flood lights does not have a plug, the wiring length is 45cm.

The outdoor floodlight has no UV, IR or other deleterious radiation. Always protects our users from unsafe situations.

Profiles for LED strip

Aluminum channel or tracks for LED strip light have their own importance in ensuring enhanced lighting protection, dust-proof housing, lifespan and provide a better illumination and even lighting. Our professional LED Aluminum channels for LED flexible strips that available in sleek, light-weight Aluminum material allows designers, manufactures and builders to create compact, custom and functional lighting fixtures.

Connectors and mounting kits

From LED tape bridges to snap connectors we have a wide range of cables and connectors to cater for all of your lighting needs.